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This website is dedicated to the woman who was, and still is, my R-O-C-K. The legacy of Neelam Powar will never fade for me. She has made a greater impact on my 42 years than any other person, but her love was also extended to countless others. I hope that my mother will continue to live amongst us through the precious memories she left in so many hearts. Through efforts like this, I endeavor to preserve and share these memories as well as perpetuate activities she enjoyed and finish tasks that have been left incomplete.


Interests and Hobbies

My mom's interests were as wide reaching as the lives she touched. The preparation and sharing of food was at the heart of how she cared for others, and it was something she truly enjoyed. My mother was an amazingly resourceful cook. I recall sometimes, in a pinch, she would whip up an amazing "malai ki subji" in what seemed like the blink of an eye. She shared the recipe with some of my school friends, who still make the subji. Some of her other specialties included chole, methi, palak, saag, aloo paranthas, dahi wale aloo, jackfruit (katahal ki subji), and the amazing carrot halwa (gajrela) which she would send with anyone who was willing to bring a parcel to me in the US.



If you or someone you know, is using or aware of a recipe that came from my mom, feel free to upload in this section.

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